Horse Ballyhoo Quick Rig Lipped

This is the same as the regular but made for a larger bait. On our sport fish boats we like to use bigger bait. We have found this helps weed out the smaller fish. We fish tournaments most of the time and are looking for the big fish in the school. Capt. Charles Fricke has based the Better Bait Systems on 45 years of fishing knowledge and experience. Capt Charlie Fricke was the 2001-2002 angler of the year for the Bahamas Billfish Classic the most sought after title in deep sea sport fishing.


The Horse Quick Rig has a specially patented design that both closes the mouth and gill plates of the bait fish. This provides a bait that can be trolled at a slightly faster speed and for a longer time with out being washed out. Pictured here is the medium standard Quick rig lipped.

The Quick Rig Lipped adds a little scoop under the nose weight. This helps your bait swim 4-8 inches under the water with an occasional pop. This is an excellent flat line setup. This quick rig gets the bait into clean water under the wake of the boat and offers a life like presentation. We have a hook up rate in the high 90% range.

Prepared Medium Sized Quick Rig Lipped by Better Bait Systems

This is the medium size quick rig lipped. Take note that the first wrap goes behind the pin then down the groves in the head towards the bill. Break off excess bill. It is also important to note the wire from the head to the hook is lose. If there is tension on the wire your bait may spin.


240 LBS Aussi swivel, 175LBS AFW (American Fishing Wire) with a Mustad 9175 9/0 hook. Total length is 11.25 ", 8" from tip of weight to the back of hook. You can put a islander or skirt right on top of the better bait systems or you can request no swivel and do it your self.

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