Ballyhoo Quick Rig Lipped

The Quick Rig is the most popular and easiest to use. It comes in two sizes medium and Large. It is also available in both sizes lipped or standard. This is generally used when trolling dead bait. We prefer bally hoo on our boats. This rig is perfect for dolphin, sailfish, white marlin, blue marlin, tuna, king fish, mackerel and most other sport fish you will find in the ocean.


The Quick Rig Lipped adds a little scoop under the nose weight. This helps your bait swim 4-8 inches under the water with an occasional pop. This is an excellent flat line setup. This quick rig gets the bait into clean water under the wake of the boat and offers a life like presentation. We have a hook up rate in the high 90% range

Pictured here is the medium standard Quick rig lipped.

Prepared Medium Sized Ballyhoo Quick Rig by Better Bait Systems

140 LBS Barrel swivel, 175LBS AFW (American Fishing Wire) with a Mustad 9175 7/0 hook. Total length is 8.5" , 5.5" from tip of wait to the back of hook. You can put a islander or skirt right on top of the better bait systems or you can request no swivel and do it your self.


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